Riverstone Standard Package

Our most affordable log cabin package provides you with the entire log cabin kit designed for easy installation on your land. This package consists of delivery and materials for a contractor of your choosing to build your beautiful new log cabin home. Features such as windows, doors and subfloors are not included in this package allowing our buyers the opportunity to purchase and install locally.

Standard Log Cabin Package Overview:

  1. 4 sets of construction blueprints compatible with 2009 International Building Code.
  2. Log System:
    • Random Length Logs per Material, Size and Style Selected.
    • Log Siding to match Logs on Gables, Skirting and Dormers Second Story Walls.
    • Screws, Gaskets, Dowels, Sealant and Caulking
  3. Second Floor Conventional Framing System:
    • Girders, Floor joists, Hangers, Bridging and Supports sized as applicable.
    • 3/4″ Advantec sub-floor (or equal) with adhesive.
  4. Heavy Timber Stairs:
    • 4 x 12 Stringers and Treads
    • Landing 2 x 6 / T & G
    • Railing 6 x 6 Newel Post with 4 x 6 Top and Bottom Rails
  5. Roof System:
    • Ridge 2-ply LVL’s
    • Rafters 2 x 10′s 16″ o.c.
    • Sheeting 15/32″ OSB
    • Roof Felt 30 lb.
  6. Interior Support Posts, Collar Ties and Wind Posts (if applicable)
  7. Fascia 1 x 8, 10, or 12 sized per Rafters
  8. Soffit 1 x 6 / T & G
  9. Heavy Timber Porch System:
    • Porch Posts 6 x 6 and Carry Beams 6 x 6
    • Porch Rafters 2 x 6 / 16″ o.c.
    • Porch Roof Ceilings & Eaves 1 x 6 / T & G
    • Porch Ceiling Joists 2 x 6 / 16″ o.c.
    • Porch Roof Decking 7/16 OSB with Roof Felt 30 lb.
  10. Gable and Dormer Wall Framing:
    • 2 x 6 or 8 Rafters with 7/16 OSB and 30 lb. Roof Felt
    • 2 x 4 Wall Framing with 7/16 OSB and Building Wrap
    • Log Siding to match logs
  11. Interior Wall Framing 2 x 4′s with double top plates, and door jambs.
    • 2 x 6 walls for Plumbing and Specified Support Walls
  12. Window and Door Buck Lumber.
  13. Optional Garages (not shown) include 2 x 4 exterior framing with 7/16″ OSB, builder wrap, matching log siding, and conventional roof framing.
  14. Optional Main Floor Sub-floor System
    • :2 x 10 floor joists16″ o.c. / 3 ply 2 x 10 Girder Beams
    • 3/4″ Advantec sub-floor (or equal) with adhesive.
  15. Optional Pressure Treated Deck System and Railings.
  16. Optional Shingle or Metal Roofing.
  17. Optional Windows and Doors.

Plan Levels

Each plan can be purchased at 3 different levels.


This package consists of materials for a contractor of your choosing to build your beautiful new log cabin home.


Our most popular option, consisting of everything available in our standard package with the addition of a variety of upgrades. As with all of our log cabin kits, you have the ability to customize your floor plan to meet your specific needs.


Our Hybrid- Framed Wall with Log Siding Package offers the look and feel of a traditional Log Home with the energy efficiency of a Modern Frame Home.

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